About Us

We like old stuff. We want you to like it too.

Clothes and accessories can be simple, utilitarian, casual and elegant all at the same time. Often our practical garments and objects are beautiful because of their simplicity, utility and functionality. Our goal is to make accessories, products and clothing that you love and keep around for years, decades and generations (we can only hope). 


What we make

Mackerel Crow makes beautiful, functional and satisfying objects. We test every product as much as possible with our friends, family and regular Joe's. Many of the designs from our past are custom pieces built for necessity and reiterated... lots.


About the Name

The name Mackerel Crow comes from two of the founder's, Michael's, favorite animals. The Crow is inquisitive by nature - a wondering spirit always searching, observing and looking for play in their surroundings. The Mackerel is a free spirit, restless and strong. Both animals together make the kind of traveler that embraces life and never rests with issues close to their heart. We strive to design and make products to be worn by such a traveler. 


The Mackerel Crow logo was designed by James Zerkel